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Pipe Lasers

  • Original price $5,445.00 - Original price $5,445.00
    Original price List Price: $5,445.00
    $5,445.00 - $5,445.00
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    Piper Green Beam Pipe Laser

    • High-Visibility Green-Beam Laser
    • Operational Range of up to 650 ft / 200 m
    • Automatic Grade Compensation
    • IPX8 water resistance rating
    • Rugged cast aluminum housing
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    Original price $5,445.00 - Original price $5,445.00
    Original price List Price: $5,445.00
    $5,445.00 - $5,445.00
    Current price $5,445.00
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    Piper Pipe Laser

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Portable, compact, and accurate, Pipe Lasers are designed to solve the challenges specific to pipe laying, making them a must-have tool for leveling, grading, and alignment works involving sewers, tunnels, and pipes. Tiger Supplies is a reputable dealer of Pipe Lasers, and we have everything from green to red beam pipe lasers, medium-range or long-range, and any size that will fit your requirements. 


The Topcon TP-L6 Green Beam Pipe Laser is the ideal tool for a variety of applications including mining, tunneling, and trenching. Its green beam is 4x brighter than red lasers, and it can operate as far as 600 feet. Despite being one of the smallest pipes in the market, this compact Pipe Laser can perform a grade range of -15% to 40%. The Topcon TP-L6 can be remotely controlled using an Android app and can last for a whole week when fully charged. 


Although more expensive than standard types of laser levels, a Pipe Laser Level can speed up trenching and pipe works without compromising precision and accuracy. Choosing the right one for your needs will ensure a faster return on your investment, so let’s talk about the things to know about Pipe Lasers and the factors to consider when buying one.

Top Pipe Laser Brands

While not all Pipe Lasers are made equally, purchasing from these brands will guarantee top-of-the-line accuracy and performance you won’t find elsewhere:

Topcon  |  Spectra-Precision  |  Leica  |  Johnson-Level  |  Geomax 

Uses of a Pipe Laser

Pipe Laser Levels eliminate the need for time-consuming manual measurements that are prone to human errors. While small jobs like a simple sewer line to the street can be completed with manual computations, where Pipe Lasers really shine is laying out long runs of pipes like street or waste pipes. They can be extremely useful in alignment works, piping layout, and excavation tasks on trenches, pipes, tunnels, manholes, mines, and sewers. Because of its flexibility, a Pipe Laser can be used in a variety of applications and setups including the following:

How to Use a Pipe Laser Level 

Before using a Pipe Laser for pipe alignment, you need to have the required grade. The grade can be computed as follows:

1. Measure the elevation difference and the distance between the two manholes. 

2. Divide the elevation difference by the run. Example: 6.35 divided by 120.33 = 0.0528 rise for one foot of pipe.

3. Some pipe lasers read pipe slopes in percent. To get the percentage, multiply the rise for one foot of pipe by 100. Example: 0.0528 x 100 = 5.28. 

Now that you have the grade, turn on the Pipe Laser by pressing the power key. The laser beam and the display will flash. Enter the required grade using the plus and minus keys. Once the desired grade is displayed on the screen, press the set or Enter key. This will then prompt the Pipe Laser to self-level or match the entered grade. 

Choosing the Best Pipe Laser

Out of the hundreds of Pipe Lasers for sale, how do you find the right one for your needs? Let’s talk about the important features of Pipe Laser Levels to make sure that you’re getting a unit that suits your intended use.

1. Size - The size of pipes and inverts you work with should be considered in your choice of Pipe Lasers. If you usually work with small pipes, you’ll need a compact unit that can fit into small inverts. Examples are the Leica 100 & 200 Pipe Laser Systems which are small enough to fit into 4-inch pipes. 

2. Operating Range - How big are the pipe laying projects you do or aim to do? This will inform the operating range you’ll need. The longest-range Pipe Laser we carry is the Geomax Zeta125 Pipe Laser which works as far as 900 feet. If that’s a bit of an overkill, we also have medium-range Pipe Lasers like the Spectra Precision DG613 Red Beam Pipe Laser that works up to 500 feet.

3. Grade Range - The grade range of a laser level refers to the degree of the slope it can match. The bigger the range, the more versatile it can be during grading work. Most of our Pipe Lasers have a grade range of -15% to +40% or 45%, more than enough for most pipe laying tasks.

4. Beam Color - Green or red: which beam color suits you best? Green beams are brighter and easier to see by the naked human eye while red lasers are more affordable. 

5. Advanced Features - Innovations in Pipe Lasers have now allowed operators more flexibility and efficiency. An example is an auto-alignment feature found in some Pipe Lasers like the Spectra Precision DG613G and the Leica Piper 200 Pipe Laser. This feature enables the unit to automatically align with the center of a specialized spot finder or target and even calculate grade, saving time and allowing for quality checks in second-day setups. 

6. Ruggedness - Pipe Lasers are some of the toughest construction instruments invented, with many units rated to survive hours of submersion in water. All of our Pipe Lasers are built to withstand the roughest weather and working conditions. 

Pipe Lasers are changing the way underground trenching and tunneling are done. Browse our store for high-quality Pipe Laser Levels that can meet the tough demands of any piping job. If you need more help in finding the best Pipe Laser Level, get in touch with us and our team of industry experts will be glad to help you out.

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