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Tape Measures

Professional Tape Measures used by Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, Appraisers & Contractors for long distance measuring at Lowest Price!
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About Tape Measures

The most basic tools for measuring distances and sizes, Tape Measures are a staple for every engineer, architect, builder, and other construction professional. We proudly carry different types of Tape Measures including Pocket Measuring Tapes, Long Measuring Tapes, Closed Housing Tapes, Surveyor’s Rope, Folding Rules, and Hands-Free Hip Chain Measuring Systems.

Watch, Learn and Get to Know
Leica D2 Disto - Product Overview
Laser distance meters are the next-generation measurement tools for engineers, architects, and construction professionals who need ultra-accurate and ultra-fast measurements of distance, areas, and more. Mike from Tiger Supplies gives an overview of the Leica D2 Disto, the first laser distance meter by Leica to have built-in functions including area/volume, stake-out, and continuous measuring.
Engineering Paper - Factors to Consider When Buying
Several factors must be considered when buying engineering paper, including the compatibility with your printer and the thickness of the paper. Marianna from Tiger Supplies gives a summary of the factors to consider when buying engineering paper plus a tip on how to save money on drafting paper.

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