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Prism Lighting

Tiger Supplies is an authorized Prism Lighting dealer

About Prism Lighting

Prism Lighting Services, LLC produces unique lighting systems with a wide range of use. They can be used in emergencies, construction, special events and in areas that needed illumination.  Their products include Inflatable Lights, Balloon Lights, and Emergency and Flood Lights.

Inflatable Lights manufactured by Prism Lighting are lightweight, foldable and portable. They are perfect for construction sites, tunnels, camping, emergency rescue and disaster recovery, and other applications that need portable lighting.

Balloon Lights from Prism provide an extremely bright light that is easy on the eyes and safe to work around. The balloon design allows the directed LED cells light to be filtered and diffused.

Emergency and Flood Lights made by Prism are very important in various emergency situations such as natural disasters, plane, crashes, train and automobile accidents, and other mass-casualty incidents.

Tiger Supplies and Prism Lighting Services have teamed up to introduce unique lighting systems at the best price. To know more about Prism Lighting Services products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

Prism Lighting

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