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Tiger Supplies is an authorized Alvin dealer

About Alvin

Alvin & Company

Alvin & Company offers a wide selection of high-quality products and provides solutions to all drawing and drafting needs. Alvin is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of durable and functional drafting products, graphic arts, engineering, and fine arts items. They have been serving creative market retailers since 1950.

Drawing Equipment and Drafting Tools from Alvin are known for their precision and top-of-the-line quality including Office and Drafting Tables and Chairs Drawing Boards and Easels, Architect and Engineer Scales, Cutting Straightedges, Templates, Protractors, Triangles, Compasses and Dividers, T-Squares, Plan Measures, and even Dusting Brushes and other Accessories. They are available in different materials but deliver the same accuracy. This is to accommodate the high demands and standards in the drafting industry.

Arts, Crafting, and Office Supplies offered by Alvin & Company cater to crafters, hobbyists, and art enthusiasts. They carry a wide array of items such as Pens, Pencils and Markers, Drawing Media, Magnifiers, Cutting Tools, Sharpeners, Staplers, Adhesives, Erasers and Correction Tapes, and other General Supplies. For document storage and transport, Alvin brings its customers various Portfolios, Storage Tubes, and Taborets to meet various needs.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries drawing equipment, drafting tools, and office supplies by Alvin & Company. We provide engineers, contractors, and construction professionals with high-quality tools at great prices. For any questions regarding Alvin products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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