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Wide Paper Format is a large-sized paper that ranges from two to more than 15 feet in width. Compatible with most large format printers and copiers like HP and Epson, Wide Format Papers are great to use for printing CAD plans, drafts, blueprints, and other types of documents essential in engineering and surveying. Wide Format Papers are also commonly used to print advertising signs, point of sale banners, outdoor signage, art and fine art printers, photography, limited edition printers, posters, large displays, and even billboards. The Large Format Paper features different widths, core sizes, lengths, and materials to suit every printing need.

Types of Wide Paper Format

Inkjet Bond Paper

This paper type is one of the best cost-effective plotting papers for everyday use. It features a smooth, high-contrast opaque matte finish that has a 20-pound basis weight. Also, this wide format paper provides crisp and clear ink adhesion and is durable. Plus, it is good for all forms of finishing such as staples, tape, folding, and lamination.

Translucent CAD Bond

Best for short-run reproduction, the translucent CAD Bond Wide Format Paper provides the translucency of vellum at a cheaper price. It comes with a basis weight of 18 pounds which is ideal for diazo reprints. Durable and long-lasting, this bond paper has remarkable ink acceptance and gives high-quality images and lines.

CAD Inkjet Vellum

This Wide Format Paper type is made of 100 percent cotton fiber base and uses no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This inkjet vellum has excellent ink toner adhesion with dense color and line quality. Plus, it comes with a 20-pound basis weight and is great for archiving.

Xerographic (Engineering) Vellum

The Xerographic vellum is also made of 100 percent cotton and uses no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) but also comes with a bright white finish for a strong visual contrast. This vellum type is compatible with most large-format copiers and printers. Plus, it has a good ink toner acceptance and is also archivable like the CAD inkjet vellum.

Recycled Environmental Bond

Featuring recycled content, this wide format paper has a 20-pound basis weight and has a consistent grain similar to most standard bond papers. It gives a cleaner base material which provides an improved finish. Also, it is compatible with large format and CAD printers and copiers.

Photo Paper

Mostly used for photos and printing images, these photo paper types offer high-quality, color-dense images with fast-drying qualities at an affordable price. It possesses stunning ink adhesion that is fast drying and long-lasting. With a bright white base, this paper ensures the image pops.

Tinted Bond Paper

This wide format paper offers brilliant and crisp images that are ideal for proofing applications. Also, it features stunning smoothness that is perfect for imaging and printing.

DM (Double Matte Erasable) Film

Economical and long-lasting, this DM Film is a superior inkjet film that offers a 20 percent faster reprint speed than most films. It provides stunning ink toner adhesion and fast-drying qualities.

Coated Inkjet Matte Paper

This wide format paper is water resistant and is great for signage applications. It can work with most printers including HP, Epson, and similar printers that use dye and ink pigments.

Diazo/Blueline Paper

Diazo paper is a chemically coated paper that works with fluorescent or multi-lamp Diazo machines or ammonia/PD activators. With a quality thickness, it is great for fast speed and high-quality blueprint production.

Tiger Supplies is a Wide Format Paper supplier that proudly carries a large collection of wide format paper from the most trusted brand, Deitzgen. Rolls and sheets are bagged to protect against light, heat, and moisture, then packed in two-roll boxes or bulk packs that make shipment and storage even easier. Shop now!

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