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A fieldscope is a type of terrestrial telescope that is used to view augmented images of remote objects. With the use of an eyepiece, the scope is also designed to generate an upright image with prisms. Unlike binoculars, these fieldscopes only uses one eye for observation and has a higher magnification than binoculars. Plus, it is perfect for observing wild animals, for target confirmation in archery or shooting, or for astronomical observation. There are two types of fieldscopes: straight type and the angled type.

Straight Type Fieldscopes
These types are designed in a way that the body and eyepiece are parallel or in straight line. This is done to easily capture inside the field of view.

Angled Type Fieldscopes
An Angled type fieldscope is ideal for subjects located at higher or elevated positions. Also, the eyepiece can be mounted at an angled position.

Tiger Supplies offer a wide selection of fieldscopes. Please call our sales representative to help you assist with your order. Shop now!

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