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Also available in Tiger Supplies are upright roll files, a space-saving and budget-friendly option for storing large files while keeping them within reach from desks or workstations. Roll files are usually made of wood, corrugated fiberboard, or steel wire, with as many as 50 tube slots. Simply roll your document and insert it into the tube slots – that’s how easy it is to use!

Some upright roll files have a footprint as small as 15 by 12 inches, with a height of 22 inches. In this small space you can easily store 100 documents 36 inches in length or even longer!

Easy Rolled Document Storage: Filing your large documents is easy with an upright roll file - just roll up your blueprint, map, or plan drawing, attach a tube ID tag for easy identification, place it in its compartment and you're good to go. Some upright roll files feature labeling grids so you can see the contents of the file at a glance. You can also put your rolled-up documents in fiberboard or plastic storage tubes in a variety of colors and sizes to further separate and organize your files and protect them from dust.

Upright roll files work so well for rolled blueprint storage because they hold documents of any size. Since the compartments are not enclosed, large documents fit easily, and, depending of the file, small documents are also easily accessible. Corrugated upright roll files are highly portable-- one person can easily pick one up and move it. Wood upright roll files can be easily moved from place to place on their 4 swiveling wheels.

Tiger Supplies offers a variety of well-made upright roll files from leading manufacturers such as Safco, Alvin, and Adir. You'll be sure to find the upright roll file for your rolled document storage needs.

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