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File & Plan Hanging Clamps

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Made with heavy-duty aluminum, file and plan hanging clamps, also called “plan sticks” and “drawing sticks,” are excellent organizers of blueprints, maps, drawings, and more. We provide sleek, easy to use, and durable hanging clamps made by the top brands Safco and Adir, with one hanging clamp able to hold up to 100 sheets or 20 pounds at once! Choose from different sizes to cater to your needs. 

Plan Clamp Sizes and Features: These blueprint hanging clamps are made of durable aluminum, with wing knobs that open and close to securely grip your files and lock them in place. Hanging clamps also feature plastic label holders and come in a variety of sizes. The standard sizes are 18, 24, 30, 36, and 42 inches long. Most blueprint hanging clamps come in boxes of 6.

Compatible with All Hanging File Racks: Hanging clamps are standardized among most brands, and can be used interchangeably within your hanging file racks. It's important to pick the right size of blueprint hanging clamp to accommodate your needs. Some types of hanging storage files will fit several different sizes of drawing hangers at once, while others will only fit one size of blueprint hanging clamp. Of course, a larger file hanging clamp will hold a smaller blueprint or drawing, but not vice versa.

Tiger Supplies offers a wide selection of durable, attractive file hanging, plan and blueprint clamps from top manufacturers, such as Mayline, Safco, and Adir with limited lifetime warranty on all their products, so you know their file hanging clamps will be doing a great job for you for many years to come.

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