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Lubricants & Penetrants

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Lubricants and penetrants are two of the most essential products for ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity in manufacturing, commercial, and industrial environments. They come in different formulations to provide solution to a wide range of cleaning, maintenance, and repair needs. Each product is designed for specific purposes meeting the high demands of most industries.

Lubricants are substances that are formulated to reduce friction between contacting surfaces. This minimizes heat and tension keeping the moving parts in perfect condition and allowing them to perform effectively for a long period of time. Penetrants, on the other hand, are used for loosening rust and corrosion that are already formed by alkali, acid, or electrolytes. They also attack dirt build-up for quick release and removal of corroded parts.

Lubricants and penetrants offer various properties to protect any material from wear and tear. These include adhesion to most surfaces, corrosion prevention, resistance to water and moisture, durability, and excellent penetrating capability. They are available in small size for easy and precise application. For large-scale use, they are also sold in bulk to accommodate all cleaning and protection needs.

TigerSupplies carries a great selection of lubricants and penetrants to provide solution to most maintenance, protection, and repair needs in manufacturing facilities. For any questions regarding the best product to suit your specifications, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. 

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