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Kernmantle Ropes

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Kernmantle ropes are low-stretch ropes with an interior core protected by a woven exterior sheath. The tensile strength comes from the core while the sheath protects the core from damage and abrasion. 

The low-stretch, static design of Kernmantle ropes enables arborists to climb faster with little to no bounce, making these ropes ideal for Stationary Rope Systems (SRS) where the load is carried by one side of the line. These ropes also work well with mechanical devices used in SRS like the Notch Rope Runner Pro and Unicender. Further, the protective sheath makes them resilient against abrasion during redirects and maneuvers. 

Tiger Supplies is offering a wide range of Kernmantle Ropes that vary depending on the user’s needs. You can choose from well-known brands like Notch Equipment, Samson, Yale Cordage, Petzl, and many more.

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