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16-Strand Ropes

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16-Strand ropes are extremely tough, hand-spliceable ropes that remain popular among veterans and new arborists. These ropes have a 16-strand polyester cover that bears all the load and core that keeps the rope round even when under pressure. This type of construction makes it easy to inspect for damages.

The bigger strands of these ropes make them durable against friction and heat, and the 12mm-13mm diameter makes them easier to grip and therefore less tiring to use compared with smaller ropes. This makes 16-Strand ropes a popular choice for MRS. 

Tiger Supplies is offering a wide range of 16-Strand Ropes that vary depending on the user’s needs. You can choose from well-known brands like Notch Equipment, Samson, Yale Cordage, Petzl, and many more.

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