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12-Strand Ropes

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While 12-Strand is an older rope construction, it remains a reliable, durable, and affordable choice for arborists. It can be a solid braid that is suitable for traditional tree climbing systems or a hollow braid for light rigging and other needs. 12-Strand ropes like the popular Samson True Blue can withstand natural crotch climbing. 

A downside to 12-Strand ropes is they cannot be spliced. Although you can sew an eye to its end, sewn eyes are bulkier than splices and tend to get stuck in a tight crotch or friction saver. Tiger Supplies is offering a wide range of 12-Strand Ropes that vary depending on the user’s needs. You can choose from well-known brands like Notch Equipment, Samson, Yale Cordage, Petzl, and many more.

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