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Rotary Trimmers

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Rotary Trimmers or rotary cutters are tools used to cut soft materials like fabric and are great for making perfectly straight cuts on low volumes of most paper stock, or some of the other thinner paper products. It uses a round cutting blade that slides up and down a metal guide bar. It is very sharp but are enclosed inside a plastic head for safety reasons. These trimmers can be used on any flat surface and some of them are compatible with special stands or benches.

Rotary trimmers with large blades are used to cut to straight lines and broad curves, while the ones with smaller blades are for cutting small curves. It also comes in different types and style to cater to certain project needs. These types include heavy-duty type, for large format cutting, for medium-use cutting, and types that are compatible with a materials rigidity.

Tiger Supplies carries a wide range of Rotary Trimmers to choose from. Shop now!

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