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High-Speed Distance Meters

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High-Speed Distance Meters are essential devices used by contractors, estimators, and construction professionals to accurately measure distance of large areas. These can help to obtain efficient and reliable results when measuring parking lots, roadway, driveways, concrete curbs, city sidewalks, and even utilities like power lines, storm and sanitary sewers, and gas lines. Tiger Supplies offers variety of High-Speed Distance Meter Devices depending on your needs, from brands like Fast Measure, and many more!

We provide High-Speed Distance Meter Units that can be installed in cars and trucks, that can measure slow, medium, or highway speed. Tiger Supplies also carries the Fast Measure Scooter, which has a built-in Measuring Device, that can be used for areas where using a tape measure is not long enough, and using a car mounted measuring device is not possible. High-Speed Distance Meters can give precise results, may it be in feet or meters.

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