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Viair offers the most efficient and reliable compressors since 1998. For over 21 years, Viair becomes the industry standard for compressed air solutions for a broad range of applications found across industrial, medical and agricultural applications. Viair’s quality engineered compressors and accessories are also used in the OEM segment and automotive aftermarket applications worldwide. Viair’s goal is to consistently deliver performance, reliability, and value to customers.

Air Compressors offered by Viair comes in portables, onboard air (OBA) systems, and industrial grade (IG) series. Portable tire inflators for on-the-go air needs. Onboard air systems to operate air horns, air lockers, and air tools and for all mobile air source needs. Industrial grade compressors are suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications, featuring sealing properties to stand up to the elements.

Viair also offers a full line of air compressor accessories including blow guns, mounting brackets, pressure regulators, manifolds and DOT-approved fittings. Designed to make the installation of pneumatic systems as simple as possible.

Tiger Supplies carries the most comprehensive line of 12-volt and 24-volt compressors from Viair. We provide complete air solution needs at the best price for a variety of pneumatic applications. For questions regarding Viair products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives.

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