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Surveying Rods (including grade rods, Lenker rods, and leveling rods) are useful accompaniments to construction and surveying tools for taking measurements and determining elevations. Leveling rods may also be called laser poles. For maximum efficiency and accuracy, grade rods are commonly used with other leveling instruments, such as laser levels, optical levels, or digital levels. Leveling rods for sale come in a variety of lengths and offer imperial (inches and feet) or metric (centimeters and meters) graduations to suit professionals’ job site needs. With multiple features and helpful accessories, surveyor rods are both easy-to-use and portable.

Leveling Rod Features

We sell surveyor rods made of aluminum, fiberglass, invar, and steel. These materials lock out dust and water while protecting graduated numbers from fading. Our leveling rods come one-sided or dual-sided with a square (rectangular) or round (oval) shape. Many of them also include adjustable and collapsible telescopic sections with button locks that secure your desired length. Imperial graduations are available in feet, tenths and hundredths of a foot/feet, inches, and eighths of an inch. Metric graduations are available in E metric, Philly metric, meters, decimeters, centimeters, and millimeters. Special direct reading grade rods offer metric barcode graduations to be read exclusively by digital levels. Other leveling rods, otherwise known as lenker rods, provide color-coded cut and fill markings. Some laser poles feature either a 1/4 x 20 or 5/8 x 11 thread on top for attaching accessories.

Accessories for Surveyor Rods

Although most grade rods for sale, like those from Acculine Pro, Crain, and Sokkia, come with a carry-bag and a snap-on level, we offer a number of additional accessories that add to the functionality of your grade rod. These accessories include bubble levels with adjustable vials and leveling plates that ensure your surveying rod is level despite any potential instability of your working area.

Tiger Supplies carries grade, leveling, and surveying rods from popular brands like Topcon. Shop now!

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