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Do you want accurate measurements? A heavy-duty tribrach is all you need! Tribrachs act like an adapter. It can be placed under your surveying instrument (such as a theodolitetotal stationGNSS/GPS antenna, or prism) to attach it to a tripod. A tribrach allows you to repeatedly and accurately place the equipment in the same position. This enables you to swap out and levels multiple instruments while maintaining the same setup location. You can also continue jobs from one day to the next, just by loosening and re-tightening the locking lever. Tribrachs are also available with options that may not be available on your instrument. You can choose from either a tribrach with optical plummet, with laser plummet, or an opening for the laser plummet that already exists on your surveying instrument.

Tribrachs help level over your backsight point, or the location of your instrument, rather than using a plumb bob, which can be time-consuming and difficult, especially with Mother Nature. You can use a tribrach with an adjustable focus, optical plummet or opening for a laser plummet. We have many tripod adapters available for all types of prisms or to simply convert the thread on your existing tripod. You can choose a full traverse kit for all your tribrach and tribrach adapter needs, as well.

Choosing a Tribrach

Versatility and tough construction are two of the most important things to consider in choosing a tribrach. We sell high-quality tribrachs with durable foot screws for smooth and free movement. This standard is maintained even after years of use with secure locking knobs, as well as bubble vials for extra visual leveling. In addition, the precise alignment of the tribrach’s support area to the base plate of your instrument assures extreme accuracy.

For all your construction applications, Tiger Supplies offers a wide range of reliable Sokkia tribrachs and tribrach adapters. Shop now!

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