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Machine Control Receivers

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Machine control receivers are excellent tools for any kind of construction or agricultural projects. It's a much-needed accessory for machine control lasers being used in site preparation, dam construction, and excavation. Using a grade or excavator laser, you can simply turn the excavator dipper or arm into an integrated measuring stick. You'll get real-time depth, reach and slope information. Used with rotary laser levels, machine control receivers are simple to set-up. They have a rugged construction, making them ideally suited for mounting on heavy machinery.

Features of Machine Control Laser Detectors

If you want accurate grade information in the field along with communication from your machine control laser, use a machine control laser receiver to consistently receive the laser reference plane. Choose between the 240-degree and, the larger, 360-degree reception area for picking up any rotating or excavator laser, from any angle. These machine control laser detectors feature LED indicators to show the position of the bucket or blade in relation to the machine control laser beam. Additionally, the detectors provide visual and audible alerts, grade adjustability, built-in memory, the precise accuracy with multiple channels, and mounting options.  All are built to withstand the outdoor elements. Choose from wired or wireless options. Some machine control receivers can even be interfaced with the machine's hydraulic system to provide automatic control of the blade elevation. There are also options with plumb indicators to ensure consistent and accurate grade readings. This saves you money by reducing over or undercutting.

Remote Display

By mimicking the machine control laser detector’s indicators, a remote display allows you to view grade information without having to leave the cabin of your dozer or excavator. A remote display is an ideal solution when the laser receiver is behind the machine operator such as in trenchers, box blades, scrapers, and more. This greatly increases productivity on the job because you can fully focus on the grade information instead of focusing the laser detector.

Machine Mounting

Secure mounting is very important, especially when attaching to heavy machinery where the laser detector is subject to constant movement. That is why most machine control receivers are equipped with clamps or magnets for allow for mounting and easy movement from one machine to another.

Seco features top of the line machine control receivers ensuring precise communication between the machine control or excavator laser, the machine mounted laser receiver and the remote display. Shop now and enjoy big discounts!

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