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Laser Detectors

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When distance or lighting conditions no longer enable you to see your laser beam, laser detectors offer the solution for any general construction and outdoor applications. With Seco laser receivers, you can use your laser levels in the field, even in broad daylight because these devices are designed to easily pick up the laser that is being generated by your laser level. They are built construction-tough, designed to work in harsh environments, and provide precise accuracy.

Types of Laser Detectors

Matched to work with red, green or infrared laser beams, laser receivers are available for both line lasers and rotary lasers, allowing you to work at the lasers maximum range within any visibility limitations. Laser detectors have various accuracy settings to accommodate your different job site needs. These include different numbers of display channels and bandwidth, multiple sizes of single or dual LED and LCD displays for visual reading of level and grade position, audio and memory function so you can easily locate the last signal recorded, and even options to block out other laser or strobe interferences. All laser detectors we offer are water and dust resistant and have long battery lives.

Remote Control Capability

Designed for double duty, some laser receivers feature a built-in remote control to further increase productivity. This allows you to control the grade, scanning and rotation speeds from a remote location, avoiding tiring trips to your rotary laser.

Mounting System

For accurate and stable measurements, laser receivers also include different types of mounting systems. Built-in magnets securely attach the laser detector to metal surfaces for use at greater distances and ceiling applications, while many come with a heavy-duty bracket, ideal for mounting on grade, leveling and surveying rods.

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