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Automatic Levels

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An automatic level is a self-leveling optical instrument designed for surveyors, builders, engineers, and other construction professionals. It is designed to precisely measure horizontal planes and angles at both long and short distances. With its built-in compensator, an auto level remains level and accurate, making it very easy to set up and use.

Automatic Level Applications

Compact and lightweight, auto levels improve accuracy when grading a roadway, setting the foundation for a new home, landscaping, fence building, and more. Most surveying levels can be used in dusty job site conditions, can withstand light rainfall, and even survive a fall into the water.

Choosing the Right Auto Level

Since there is a wide range of jobs that can benefit from the use of automatic levels, there are different specifications to choose from. Consider aspects like accuracy, magnification, and compensator range. Look at different options, including 360-degree horizontal circle, optical sight lens, focusing knobs, bubble level vials, and removable eyepieces for mounting a diagonal eyepiece prism, and a high-power lens for increased magnification.

Automatic levels are great for fence builders, foundation installers, deck builders, landscaping pros, home builders, roadwork workers, and more. Automatic levels require approximate leveling by hand; from there the automatic levels compensator takes over and levels itself precisely. Easier. Quicker. Greater accuracy.

Tiger Supplies is an authorized dealer for a wide range of Nikon automatic level. For the full setup package, you can choose from our auto level kits that include a grade rod and tripod.

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