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Line Laser Levels

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Tiger Supplies offers construction laser levels that run the gamut from tools for high-end professionals to the distinguished do-it-yourselfer.  Choose from our large selection of portable line lasers, cross line lasers, and combination line and point lasers for indoor or outdoor construction projects, available with red or green laser beams and high accuracy.

Laser Line Level Features

Line lasers are ideal for projecting a straight line on a wall, floor or ceiling and for leveling around an entire room. Use the highly visible laser line to ensure a straight row of pictures, paint borders and level hanging projects such as curtain rods or shelving and much more.  There are manual and self-leveling options with distances ranging up to 500 feet and 90-degree to 360-degree leveling. Choose from all different types of mounting options for coverage in any direction or use a line laser detector for outdoor projects!

Line Laser Beam Selections

Opt for a construction laser level with one or multiple laser lines that can be projected independently or simultaneously or choose cross line laser levels for measuring angles and squaring. Fan beam construction lasers enable wall to wall or floor to ceiling alignment, while other lasers offer additional point laser and plumb options for horizontal and vertical leveling and full room layout.

Line Lasers for Construction or Home Remodeling

Select one of the construction laser levels to hang lighting, drywall studs, or outlets.  Use a laser level with sweeping to level cabinetry, partition walls, ceiling treatments, or elevations.  There are also construction lasers that offer a combination of points and beams, giving you the flexibility to complete a variety of tasks. Choose a medium or high-end laser for construction for the job site or one with simple features for quick home projects.

Tiger Supplies offers the largest selection and variety of laser line levels and accessories from Leica. Whatever the job, we have a line laser that is perfect for you.

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