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Self-Retracting Lifelines & Lanyards

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Self-Retracting Lifelines and Lanyards act as connecting devices in a Personal Fall Protection System (PFPS). A lanyard secures the safety harness to the anchor point. It can be categorized into two: non-shock-absorbing and shock-absorbing. A shock-absorbing lanyard reduces the impact on the body in the event of a fall by 65% to 85% by extending the deceleration distance.

Another good option is a self-retracting lifeline (SRL). SRLs have greater horizontal and vertical mobility than a shock-absorbing lanyard. Commonly called retractables, they reduce the free-fall distance and impact from a fall, resulting in lesser risk of a worker impacting the ground.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries a large collection of high-quality Guardian Fall Protection self-retracting lifelines and lanyards. These come in different connector types, and have lengths that range from 2’ to 100’. Shop now!

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