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Safety Harness is a form of protective equipment designed to guard the wearer against falls and injuries. With steel harness buckles and polyester webbing, a safety harness effectively provides a safe and secure fall protection in general construction.

Safety harness provides the comfort, protection, and security to get important work done at the construction site. The only acceptable body support for fall arrest is a full-body harness. In the case of a fall, a body harness distributes the force equally across the shoulders, thighs, and pelvis. Some models include a trauma strap or a shock-absorbing feature to lessen the impact of the fall.

All full-body harnesses are designed with a dorsal (back) D-ring. Other D-Ring locations include sternal, sides, shoulders, chest, ventral, and lower lumbar. The position of the D-Ring determines if the harness can be used for fall arrest, positioning, restraint, retrieval, ladder climbing, and other work applications.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries a wide selection of Guardian Fall Protection full-body safety harnesses, including those made from flame-retardant and stain-resistant materials such as Kevlar, Nomex, and Surfacetech. Shop now!

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