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Map and Plan Measures

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Tiger Supplies is your one-stop shop for digital map and plan measuring wheels! The wheels come in digital or analog (otherwise known as opisometers or curvimeters) with a measuring wheel for gliding along maps, plans, blueprints or other flat objects. Use the map and plan wheels to trace the perimeter of an object and display the resulting distance and more. There are options for to-scale and out of scale plans. Each one has a plethora of features and functions, including calculating take-offs, area, material cost, customized scales, automatic counters, and easy error correction. Several even offer a PC interface that instantly sends all the values to a spreadsheet or estimating program. Use these tools to precisely calculate values from blueprints, maps, and plans of any scale.

Map and Plan Measures are great for architects, pipeline planners, telecommunications professionals, contractors, and any other professional or individual the needs accurate calculations of spaces, distances, and material. For measuring and calculating irregularly shaped areas on blueprints, maps, and plans, see our selection of polar and digital planimeters.

Tiger Supplies carries a wide range of Alvin map and plan measures. Shop now!

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