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Horizontal & Vertical Lifelines

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Horizontal and vertical lifelines are used in many fall arrest and fall restraint systems. Horizontal lifelines or HLL systems are essential on areas without access to anchor points for personal tie-off. An HLL system consists of a cable attached to two or more anchor points on a bridge, outdoor construction site, roof, and other elevated work areas.

Vertical lifelines, on the other hand, allow workers to have an anchor point that travels with them as they move up and down. These positioning devices make it possible for workers to freely yet safely ascend and descend the rope while preventing them from slipping backward.

Tiger Supplies carries a wide range of horizontal and vertical lifelines that meet all applicable OSHA and ANSI safety standards. These include complete HLL attachment systems, horizontal lifeline kits, positioning devices, vertical assemblies, rope grabs, and more. Shop now!

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