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Power washers are greatly used in common industry activities such as window washing, drain cleaning, duct & gutter cleaning, pool cleaning, parking lot and driveway washing, chimney sweep services, prepping for a painting job and other outdoor maintenance activities. Power washer features, such as outlet pressure and flow rate affect the industrial equipment’s cleaning power, delivering optimum and high-pressure cleaning performance. This is supported by the power washer’s engine and its quick-connect nozzles for tackling any job.

Types of Power Washers

It is essential to choose the right power washer to be as effective and productive as possible. Power washers can be classified into three used – Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. Most residential power washers use an axial cam pump in which the operator does not have to kneel on the ground for accessory attachment. While the commercial and industrial kinds are mostly used in harsh environments like construction sites, fleet maintenance, parking lot and the likes. These pressure washers are equipped with triplex pumps that last up to 4X longer than axial camp pumps. In addition, power washers can also be classified per their shaft – Direct-drive or Belt-drive. Direct-drive power washers are more compact and offer lower acquisition cost. On the other hand, belt-drive pressure washers have their pumps isolated from the engine or motor heat, plus it offers longer life than direct-drive power washers.

Pressure Washer Engines

Overhead valve (OHV) engines are bigger and they produce more power. Their camshaft is installed inside the engine block and the valves are operated by lifters, pushrods, and rocker arms. Overhead camshaft (OHC) engine valves are operated almost directly by the camshaft, which makes it easier to maintain precise timing at higher revolutions per minute.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries one of the biggest selections of power washers and pressure washer accessories from popular brands, such as Generac and Simpson. Just select the features you are looking for and start shopping!

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