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Portable Generators are one of the most popular types of generators. They are the ideal power backup plan not just for home usage but also for outdoor activities. And since this generator is portable, it can be taken to any location which serves as an essential means to produce power for any equipment while traveling. This type of generator is designed to be smaller and cheaper than those traditional standby generators. It also features standard power outlets that can plug into ordinary extension cords.


Types of Portable Generators

Portable generators have a built-in fuel tank and operate using a variety of fuel types including gasoline and diesel. Gasoline-fueled generators are known to be more popular and are very affordable; however, runtime still depends on the design and specification. Diesel-fueled generators have the same advantages with the gasoline-powered ones but they are more expensive yet require less maintenance.

Features of Portable Generators

Most portable generators provide 1,500 to 10,000 watts of power which is more than enough to run some basic household appliances or travel essentials. These generators come in different tank sizes that hold an average of three to seven gallons and last for many hours. The installation process is not that advanced and can be done by following the user manual provided with the package. Some portable generators are equipped with built-in wheels, while others have fold-up and lifting handles for easy handling and transport.

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