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Inverter Generators

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Lightweight and portable, Inverter Generators are generally 3-phase generators that output AC current like most traditional generators. However, that AC current is converted to DC, and then “inverted” back to clean AC power that maintains a single-phase. This type of generator is easy to transport and can be taken while you go hiking, camping, or in the RV when traveling.

Features of Inverter Generators

When most of the conventional generators can accommodate fuel tanks with a bigger capacity, inverter generators are designed to be more compact thus shorter run times. Nevertheless, inverter generators are equipped with fuel-efficient engines with adjustable loading speed. Fuel efficiency also means reduced emissions of exhaust which is safer for the environment. Inverter generators are also designed to be quiet. They are equipped with quieter engines, mufflers, and sound-blending technology that greatly reduce noise without compromising power output. 

Parallel Operation

One of the major advantages of using inverter generators is the ability to be paired with another unit to double the power capacity. By using a special parallel kit (sold separately), two inverter generators can supply a lot of power without compromising portability and fuel-efficiency.

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