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Light Towers

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Light towers are designed to provide strong, temporary outdoor illumination where demanding and challenging night-time operations are required to complete a certain project on or before the scheduled time. They are most commonly used in the construction industry but can also accommodate a wide array of applications including lighting solution for airports, search and rescue operations, mining, oil refining, repair or construction of rail and motor roads, and even motion picture production.

A light tower is a mobile equipment that is composed of one or more high-intensity lights, a mast where the lamps are attached, a trailer for transport, and a generator set to power the lights. Metal halide bulbs with diesel-powered generator are common although there are other alternatives available such as battery-operated, solar-powered, and hydrogen-powered sets. Modular kits are also offered to enable separation of components from each other ensuring ease of use and versatility.

An efficient light tower features light bulbs that are capable of lighting a vast area without creating any shadow. Its generator set should be built for an uninterrupted power supply with sufficient fuel back-up. The mast should be sturdy and allow flexibility while the trailer must be strong and durable enough to hold the entire unit.

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