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Topcon's rl-HV1s and rl-HV2s -The Latest Grade Lasers from Topcon

Topcon's rl-HV1s and rl-HV2s -The Latest Grade Lasers from Topcon

Topcon, grade lasers just got an upgrade! As of September 2022, Topcon replaced the rl-SV series (SV1s and SV2s) with their latest model, the rl-HV series (rl-HV1s and rl-HV2s). This is a direct replacement for the SV series, and our guess for the name change is to reflect the Horizontal and Vertical Slope more accurately. The acronym change for the series isn't the first time Topcon changed them (H4C -> H5A, for example), but note that it is the same great laser with some additional features.

Topcon SV Series vs Topcon HV Series - What's New?

Besides the name, there are two significant changes between the SV and HV Series. First, a remote is no longer included in the packages. Instead, there is a Bluetooth app called laser manager. Operators control their laser, set slope, and change parameters via phones. It's a win-win for both Topcon and its customers. The package requires less manufacturing expenses for Topcon, it is one less thing for excavators to forget on the job site, and the app allows users to check the laser calibration of their phone instead of bringing it to a repair shop.

The next upgrade on the HV series is the laser eye receiver. Topcon now includes the LS80X instead of the LS80A in their base packages. This upgraded receiver from Topcon provides a longer range and better-placed speaker, allowing the rodman to hear on grade more easily. Check out this video if you'd like an in-depth guide to  the differences between Topcon's LS80x vs LS80l.

The rl-SV and rl-HV Similarites

You still get the same features people loved about the Topcon Sv series:

  • Single or dual slope with 5% automatic slope and 15% via manual mode
  • LCD Screen to Dial-in Grade
  • Horizontal and Vertical capabilities
  • 2600FT Working Range
  • IP66 Rating
  • 5 Year Warranty

We hope this helps and please call with any additional questions!

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