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TopCon TP15 Tripod

TopCon TP15 Tripod

Features Of The TopCon TP-15 Tripod

About the Topcon TP-15

The Topcon TP-15 is an excellent choice for balancing your heavy-duty Total Stations and Construction Lasers. These stands are mainly used outdoors and in large construction zones where the ground isn't reliably flat. The Tripod comes with numerous fortifications, to ensure that the tripod stays balanced. In addition, it is constructed from wood and fiberglass, a combination that is reliably sturdy and will undoubtedly hold your heavy-duty lasers.  

Head Shape of the Topcon TP-15

The Topcon TP15 Tripod has a round 6.5" diameter head. While most head shapes tend to be triangular, to match the shape of the tripod, a round head shape allows the user to more easily balance audio levels, total stations and other instruments on your stand. Attached to the side of the tripod is a stand protector that easily slides onto your tripod's head. 

Height Adjustments of the Topcon TP-15

This Topcon tripod has an adjustable standing height of 38" to 63". Additionally, the TP15 has a compact 42" closed height and includes a heavy-duty carrying strap for easy transport.

Materials and Additional Stability of the Topcon TP-15

The TP15's legs are constructed of wood and heavy-duty fiberglass. Each leg is held together with ultra-strong plastic and metal clips, ensuring durability for your instrument. Attached to the inside of each leg is a metal hook to wrap a polyester strap around for extra sturdy support on windy days or if you need to overextend the tripod legs. It also comes with replaceable hardened steel points that are placed at the bottom of your TP-15 to ensure the tripod's stability on slopes and slippery edges. The Topcon TP15 tripod is an excellent pick for your heavy-duty instruments.

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