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Topcon LS-B110 Machine Control Laser Receiver

Topcon LS-B110 Machine Control Laser Receiver

The Topcon LS-B110 Machine Mounted Reciever is an excellent tool to improve grading, excavating production, and accuracy. The LS-B110 is easy to use and fast to set up, which mounts to your earthmover in minutes. It includes some of the more robust features, such as the 360 reception window, a plumb indicator, and a tilt indicator. Watch our YouTube video below, where Mike breaks down the LS-B110 in more detail and covers his two favorite features.

Topcon LS-B110 Machine Control Highlights:

The Topcon LS-B110 features a 360 reception window making it easy to pick up any red beam laser. It can be installed both wirelessly or wired and has the option to be mounted on either a boom with the magnetic mount or a skid steer with Topcon's vibration pole. 

Two Outstanding Features of the LS-B110

  • Plumb Indicator - This feature allows the user to know when the arm on the excavator is plumb. This helps the excavator check grade quickly and accurately. 
  • Tilt Indicator - This allows the excavator to keep the bucket on a tilt while checking grade. This is a huge time saver for the operator because he can check grade without leveling the bucket. 

The bottom line is if you are looking for a quality machine control receiver with all the bells and whistles, the Topcon LS-B110 Machine Control Receiver is a great choice.

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