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The Geomax Zoom 75 Vs Geomax Zoom 95: Which is right for you?

The Geomax Zoom 75 Vs Geomax Zoom 95: Which is right for you?

The Geomax Zoom 75 and Geomax Zoom 95 are two popular robotic total station models designed for high-precision surveying and measurement applications. Although both models offer advanced features and precision measurement capabilities, there are key differences that can help you choose the best option for your specific needs.

Angle Measurement Accuracy

One significant difference between the two models is their angle measurement accuracy. The Geomax Zoom 95 is more precise, with an accuracy of 0.5", while the Geomax Zoom 75 has an accuracy of 1".

Distance Measurement Range

The Geomax Zoom 95 also has a longer distance measurement range than the Geomax Zoom 75. The Zoom 75 can measure up to 5,000 meters, while the Zoom 95 can measure up to 6,000 meters. This makes the Zoom 95 better suited for larger surveying projects requiring measurements over longer distances.

EDM Technology

The Geomax Zoom 95 uses a more advanced EDM technology called PinPoint, providing higher accuracy and faster measurements. While both models are equipped with electronic distance measurement (EDM) technology, the Zoom 95's PinPoint technology offers an additional advantage over the Zoom 75.

Battery Life

Another key difference is their battery life. The Geomax Zoom 95 has a longer battery life than the Geomax Zoom 75, making it possible to use it for longer periods without needing to be recharged.


The weight of the two models is also different. The Geomax Zoom 75 is lighter, weighing 5.3 kg, while the Geomax Zoom 95 weighs 5.9 kg. The Zoom 75 is easier to transport due to its lighter weight, while the Zoom 95 is better suited for larger projects requiring longer measurements.

Scout, Track, and Aim Technology

One additional feature that the Geomax Zoom 95 has is Scout, Track, and Aim technology, also known as STREaAM360. This feature enables more efficient and accurate one-person total station usage, eliminating the need for a second person to look through the telescope to identify accuracy. This feature is not available on the Geomax Zoom 75.

Compatibility with X-pad Field Software

Both the Geomax Zoom 75 and Geomax Zoom 95 are compatible with the X-pad Field software, which is available on both Windows and Android, providing users with a wide range of workflow options. X-pad is a user-friendly software that is easy to navigate and offers collaborative survey and stakeout features, enabling multiple users to work simultaneously.

In conclusion, the Geomax Zoom 75 and Geomax Zoom 95 are high-quality total station models that offer precision measurement capabilities and advanced features. The Geomax Zoom 95 is more accurate, has a longer distance measurement range, uses more advanced EDM technology, has a longer battery life, and features STREaAM360 technology. Meanwhile, the Geomax Zoom 75 is lighter and more portable, making it a better choice for smaller surveying projects that require high accuracy, particularly in confined spaces. Ultimately, the decision to choose a specific model depends on the requirements of your surveying project and your personal preferences.

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