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Surveyors Favorite Tripods

Surveyors Favorite Tripods

The surveying community was recently asked what is their favorite tripod? Many people tuned in and gave their input and it seems that two tripods were a fan favorite in regards to stability, weight, and quality.

Top Two Favorite Tripods Amongst Surveyors

Leica GST Series

The GST series by Leica is a reliable workhorse with many people stating that they’ve been using it for over 20 years without a problem. It provides superior durability and strength with its heavy-duty beech wood construction. The difference between the GST20 and GST120 is that the GST120 features the self-interlocking/closing feet.

Leica 667301 GST Professional 5000 Series Telescoping Wooden Tripod

Seco Tri-Max

The Tri-Max series is touted to be the most stable tripod on the market and features a kick out prevention system. It weighs 17lbs and is constructed of fiberglass making it an excellent choice for humid, moist, and windy conditions. The Tri-Max tripod was the other fan favorite amongst surveyors who don't mind lugging around a heavy tripod; people rave about it's stability.

Seco 90550 Crain Tri-Max Fiberglass Tripod

Dutch Hill GT2000-A

The Dutch Hill 1000 was the runner up amongst surveyors as it has excellent stability, but only weighs 8 lbs due to its fiberglass composite build. This makes it a preferred choice when lugging it through rough and remote terrain. It resists corrosion, shrinking, or swelling due to moisture or temperature changes and comes equipped with the quick clamp locking system.

Dutch Hill DH-2000-A Lightweight Fiberglass Composite Tripod

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