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NOAQ Barriers

NOAQ Barriers

NOAQ Boxwell Flood Barrier

About the Boxwell Flood Barriers

Today we're going to talk about the NOAQ Portable Flood Barriers. An excellent solution to controlling flood waters. Typically flood stoppers use heavy sandbags to weigh down the water barricades. These lightweight NOAQ barriers are designed to use the weight of the water to hold itself down, so say goodbye to those heavy sandbags.


These innovative barricades are equipped with grips that seal to the ground as the water piles onto them. These bright red barriers are easy to set up in a hurry and can hold water reaching 2 feet tall. In addition, users can easily connect different shapes with these barriers by linking straight, angled, and elevated parts to accommodate different directions and heights. For example, if you're blocking off a street and a sidewalk. So, if you're looking for a fast and responsive way to control flood waters, the NOAQ barrier is the way to go.

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