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Guide to The AGL Tunnel Laser

Guide to The AGL Tunnel Laser

AGL, a manufacturer of high-quality construction laser levels, manufactured the first pipe laser that paved the way for an unprecedented level of productivity for pipe contractors. AGL continues to produce accurate and reliable laser level products including their famous pipe and tunnel lasers.

AGL SLB110 Tunnel Laser: For High-Stakes Alignment Needs

The AGL SLB110 Tunnel Laser is the perfect laser tool for mining, tunnel boring, and aligning cables, rails, conveyors, and pipes. It has an extremely long operating range, seven beam sizes that vary with distance (see table on the right), and a water-resistant rugged housing that keeps it ready for any job site.

Its reliable alignment control system allows you to position three mounting plates in a row. The SLB110 is mounted on the first plate while the in-line targets are positioned on the other two. Once you’ve positioned the in-line targets at the required line of control, the SLB110 is adjusted so the beam passes through the holes in the targets. One of the in-line targets will block the beam once the SLB110 is moved out of alignment, alerting you of the need to check the setup.

The SLB110 also has an optional alignment scope that mounts on top of the SLB110 and can be used to position the laser beam on distant targets even in poor lighting.

Some applications will need a thin plane of light, and for this, you can use the SLB110’s fan lens. It attaches to the front of the SLB110 and spreads the beam into a wide fan shape. The fan lens can be rotated to produce a horizontal or vertical line.

With its features and accessories, the SLB110 is a versatile tunneling laser perfect for when you need accurate alignment control.

Key Features:  Applications:
  • Operating range up to 1,500 feet
  • 50-second level vial
  • Beam sizes: 7
  • 635-nm visible red laser diode
  • Failsafe alignment control system
  • Constructed of aluminum, brass and stainless steel
  • Water-resistant
  • Operating temperature of 0°F to 120°F
  • Power source: 12 volt DC battery
  • Mining and tunnel boring
  • Aligning cables, conveyors, and rails


Horizontal level vial, alignment scope w/ mounting kit, in-line target w/ mounting bracket, power cable, remote control, fan lens, mounting plate (w/ 6” adjustable legs & fine adjust block), double male plug, 15” rod section, height-adjustable rod, hanger rail mounting for tripod and scope, 5/8” x 11 adapter w/7.5” rod, 110/220vac to 12vdc converter, carrying case

ITEM NO. : 6009200
PRICE (USD) : $3,505.50

If you need more help in deciding if the AGL SLB110 Tunnel Laser fits your needs, please call our experts today and they will be happy to assist you.

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