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AdirPro 12FT Tall Jumbo Elevating Tripod

AdirPro 12FT Tall Jumbo Elevating Tripod

Extra tall tripods are a niche tool used for unique applications such as laser scanning and agriculture. Jumbo tripods are typically 12FT tall, made of aluminum, and come standard with an elevating head to make precise height adjustments. As of recent, many photographers express interest in the tripod even though its primary use is for construction and engineering. 

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Product Highlights:

  • Supports lasers and robotic scanning devices
  • Offers an extended height range from 40 to 157 inches
  • Elevating platform for precise height adjustments
  • Durable aluminum frame with rugged plastic quick clamp locks
  • Pointed metal feet to ensure stability
  • Standard 5/8-11 thread

Why would you need a 12 Foot Tall Tripod?

The best 3D laser scanning renders are achieved when the scanner is located in an open area. Having the scanner in an open space is not always doable inside buildings or busy warehouses. Adding a 12 FT tripod allows the laser scanner to be hoisted up in a room, ensuring minimal obstructions for the best scanning results.

For agriculture applications or busy job sites, the grade lasers beam can be blocked by crops or heavy equipment. Cornfields can grow well over 6FT, making it hard for the laser to radiate unobstructed. The 12ft tripod lifts the laser over any obstructions, allowing the laser to emit in a 360-degree radius without obstacles.

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