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Zone 60DG VS Zone 60HG

Zone 60DG VS Zone 60HG

The Difference Between Geomax's Zone 60HG and Geomax's Zone 60DG

The Geomax Zone 60HG and Zone 60DG are reliable and accurate rotary lasers built tough to handle construction jobs that require excavation work.  Whether you're beginning your career in construction or are an experienced builder, the Geomax Zone 60 will help you get the job done accurately and quickly. This guide is to help you understand the difference between two-zone 60 products, the Geomax Zone 60DG and the Geomax Zone 60HG.

Similarities between the Geomax Zone 60DG and the Zone 60HG

First, let's go over the similarities between the two Geomax lasers. Both models offer 1/16th of an inch accuracy at 100 ft, a 3000 FT range, and dual-grade slope settings. In addition, these lasers are true grade lasers, meaning that they offer the ability to punch in grade on both the X and Y-axis.

The Differences between the Two Geomax Lasers

Slope Percentage of the Geomax Zone60DG and Zone 60HG

The first difference between the two lasers is slope percentage. The Zone 60HG can do an 8% slope, while the Zone 60DG can do a 15% slope.

Semi-Automatic VS. Fully Automatic of the Geomax Zone60DG and Zone 60HG

Zone 60hg is semi-automatic, while Zone 60 DG is fully automatic, meaning the DG will match the existing grade while the HG cannot.

Vertical and Horizontal Slope of the Geomax Zone60DG and Zone 60HG

The Zone 60DG can be used for vertical and horizontal alignment, while the ZoneHG can only do horizontal.

Our Recommendation

The three main differences have to do with slope percentage, semi-automatic vs. automatics grade controls, and vertical alignment. Our recommendation if you need to match an existing grade often, it's best to go with the Zone60 DG. If you do not match grade often, save the money and go with the HG.

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