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What's the Difference Between Aluminum vs. Fiberglass Grade Rods?

What's the Difference Between Aluminum vs. Fiberglass Grade Rods?

What are the differences between an Aluminum Grade Rod and a Fiberglass Grade Rod?

Grade Rod Durability:

Fiberglass grade rods are more durable than aluminum grade rods by nature. Aluminum materials dent faster and the markings on the front of aluminum rods rub off more quickly. The fiberglass material is much stronger and can withstand harsh job site conditions. In general, fiberglass grade rods last longer than aluminum grade rods.

Grade Rod Weight:

Weight is a significant difference in the two grade rods as well. A 25-foot AdirPro fiberglass grade rod weighs 10 pounds and a 25-foot AdirPro aluminum grade rod weighs 6 pounds. While 4 pounds doesn't seem like a lot, it makes a difference when you're lugging your grade rod around all day.

Grade Rod Accessories:

Accessories are another factor to consider when buying a grade rod. Fiberglass grade rods allow you to put a target or prism on top with a quarter-inch thread, while aluminum doesn't have that option. On the other hand, aluminum grade rods have a slit in the back of the rod for a bullseye level, while fiberglass does not have this option. This bullseye level is beneficial for ensuring the rod is entirely vertical when your laser receiver is above your eye level.

Grade Rod Recommendation:

If you don't use a grade rod often, we recommend going with an aluminum grade rod, but the fiberglass rod is a better choice for you if you're using it consistently.

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