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Topcon Rotary Laser Levels - H5, SV, and 200 Series Overview

Topcon Rotary Laser Levels - H5, SV, and 200 Series Overview

Topcon rotary lasers have been on job sites all over the world for decades. These laser levels are accurate and straightforward to use with incredible versatility. Today, we break down the different RL series models from Topcon, highlighting where each laser will excel.

Topcon rl-H5A and rl-H5B

The H5A and H5B are the most popular series in the rotary laser line from Topcon. The reason being is you can't beat the price with all the features that come packed into these units. The H5A has an impressive range of 2600 FT, 1/16th" accuracy, and has the ability to do manual slope up to 5%. The H5 series is ideal for a contractor who does grading and does not need to see the exact percentage of the grade. So if you need grading to be just level or with a little bit of slope, the H5 Series is an excellent choice. To see the differences between the H5A and the H5B, check out our other post. 

Topcon rl-SV1s and rl-SV2s

The SV1s and SV2s are the first Topcon laser levels in the line to offer dial-in grade. They feature an LCD screen that shows the exact percentage and makes it much easier to navigate the menus. They offer up to 15% grading with auto level turned off. If you are a professional who does mostly slope work, the SV series will be an excellent choice for you. Check out our YouTube video going over the differences between the SV1s and the SV2s

Topcon rl-200 1S and rl-200 2S

The rl-200 1S and rl-200 2S are the most robust lasers in the series bringing consistent accuracy to extreme slope applications. They offer the greatest range, dial in grading, and more importantly, accurate grading up to 25%. These lasers come in both single or dual slope and are an excellent choice for any professional who needs an accurate laser for steep grading capabilities. 

Video Recap on Topcon Rotary Lasers

Mariana from the shop breaks down the differences in a quick recap video. Sit back and enjoy!

To browse our selection of Topcon Rotary Laser Levels, follow the link!

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