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Spectra LL300 Series V.S. The LL500

Spectra LL300 Series V.S. The LL500

Comparing the LL3000N to the LL300S

The main difference between the LL300n and the LL300s is accuracy. The LL300N has an accuracy of 3/32 inches at 100 feet and the LL300s has an accuracy of 1/16inches at 100 feet, making the LL300s a little more accurate than the LL300n.  

Another difference is that the LL300S has single slope grade matching. So, if you want to do any slope work, you’re going to go need the LL300S. Grade matching requires a special remote, the RC402.

To further compare, let’s talk about the LL300N vs. the LL500.  

One main difference is accuracy. There’s a special temperature compensator in the LL500 that allows the machine to get an accurate, stable reading despite any temperature changes. This works well with extreme heat or cold. Additionally, the other difference is that the LL300 series can do vertical alignment, which could be necessary for specific projects.

Our recommendation: If your top priority is to get things level and as flat as possible, you’re going to want to go with the LL300n. If you need to do some slope work, then you’re going to want the LL300S. and when accuracy is the most important, then you’ll want to use the LL500.

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