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Spectra CR700 vs CR600

Spectra CR700 vs CR600

Spectra's combined machine control receivers are an excellent option for anyone in the excavation industry. They provide reliable and accurate grade readings that can be mounted on either a grade rod or machinery. Below we will be going over Spectra's two combined machine control receivers, the CR700 and CR600.

The first thing to understand between the two receivers is that the CR700 will replace the CR600. Spectra continues to produce the CR600, so for the time being, when comparing the two side by side, the main differences are that the CR700 is more rugged, has more accuracy options, better button placement, a vertical drift alarm, and a slightly bigger reception window.

CR700 Highlights CR600 Highlights
  • Compatible with all red beam rotating lasers
  • Working radius up to 1,500 feet
  • Reception angle: 200 degrees
  • Detection accuracies: 6
  • Fingerprinting technology
  • Vertical drift alarm
  • Battery life up to 60 hours
  • IP67 dustproof and water-resistant
  • Working Radius of 1300 FT
  • Reception angle: 200 degrees
  • Display channels: 15
  • Detection accuracies: 5
  • Super bright LED indicators
  • Spectral sensitivity
  • Audio indication
  • Battery life up to 100 hours

What is the biggest difference between the Spectra CR700 and CR600?

The most significant difference between the two is that the CR700 has a bigger reception window than the CR600.

Checkout Mariana from our superstore going over the differences!

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