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Buyers Guide To Line Lasers

Buyers Guide To Line Lasers

What is a line laser? 

A line laser is an instrument designed to project straight lines. This instrument is used on construction sites to make sure things are in alignment both horizontally and vertically. A line laser can shoot a different number of beams at a time depending on the unit. Line lasers are typically used for indoor construction projects, but some models are work with a laser reciever for outdoor layout applictions.

What is a cross line laser level? 

A cross line laser level is a line laser that projects both the horizontal and vertical lines are at the same time. This is useful when needing to put items in alignement on both axes such as cabinets.

What are line lasers used for? 

Line lasers are used for the following applicataions: 

  • General indoor construction
  • Installing tiling and flooring 
  • Installing cabinets
  • Installing drop ceilings
  • Painting 
  • Lettering 
  • Hanging pictures

Factors to consider when purchasing a line laser

  • Vertical and horizontal alignment: Depending on the job application, you will need align things vertically, horizontally, or both. For a small increase in price, we highly recommend purchasing a line laser that has both vertical and horizontal alignment.
  • Beam Color: Line lasers are available in either a red or green beam. Green beam lasers are typically 4x brighter than red beams and can be seen indoors over a longer distance.
  • Brackets: Depending on the job, you may need a bracket to mount your line laser on a wall or ceiling. Be sure to consider a bracket when purchasing your laser as it allows you to work more efficiently, saving you time on the job site.

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