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Buyers Guide To Engineering Paper

Buyers Guide To Engineering Paper

Purchasing bond paper can seem like a no brainer; make sure it is compatible with your printer or plotter and that’s it. While that may be the case, we wanted to take the time to breakdown some additional things to consider when purchasing engineering bond paper. Checkout Mariana from the shop going over some the factors to consider when purchasing engineering paper.

Compatibility with your printer and your bond paper

First and foremost, you want to make sure that the paper is compatible with your printer. To do so, the two following factors is what you should look for:

Core size along with size and width

  • 2” or 3” Core size - Which size do you need?
  • 11” to 48” Width of paper - What is the width of your printer? 

Once you find the correct size bond paper for your printer, you have a few options to choose from regarding personal preferences. 

Personal preference options for engineering bond paper:

1. Color:

The most common color for engineering paper is white, however there are a few other color options available such as green, blue, pink, and yellow. You can use these to color code certain projects, make your project stand out, or use colors that make it easier on your eyes.

2. Paper thickness:

The most common paper thickness for engineering bond paper is 20 LBS, but you can purchase a thicker piece of paper if need be. In turn, thicker paper makes your blueprints and plans more durable so that they last longer on the jobsite. 

3. Type of paper:

The most common type of engineering paper is bond paper, however there are several other options available. These offer a different feel and type and consist of different finishes. We’ve found that some clients need specific types of paper for their job applications.  

4. Volume discounts:

There are often price breaks when purchasing engineering paper in volumes. We have seen some of our customers purchase paper for multiple months or the year at one time to help save money. 

Don’t forget shipping costs! 

When purchasing engineering paper, we see a lot people complain about the shipping costs. The truth of the matter is that shipping bond paper is expensive. The paper is oddly shaped and heavy. Therefore, we highly recommend buying engineering bond paper in bulk; you get a better price on the paper and you can save money on shipping!  

To browse one of the largest selections on the web, checkout our engneering paper selection.

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