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A Guide to Pro Shot Lasers: Alpha-C vs Alpha-V vs Alpha-XD vs AS2 Magnum

A Guide to Pro Shot Lasers: Alpha-C vs Alpha-V vs Alpha-XD vs AS2 Magnum

Pro Shot Laser is an innovative company known for its unique construction lasers. Recognized for their canonical grading capabilities, exceptional accuracy for vertical plumb applications, and durability, Pro Shot Laser is a highly trusted brand for over 29 years. Check out our breakdown below to find out which Pro Shot Laser is right for your application.

The Pro Shot Laser Alpha-C Cone Grade Laser specializes in grading canonical slopes typically used to construct baseball and track fields. This cone laser transformed the industry and made any other method for canonical slopes obsolete, no more labor-intensive calculations and staking. Set the Alpha-C up over the high or low point, set your grade, and get to work. Its simple one-button operation gets you up and running quickly and working efficiently.

The Pro Shot Laser Alpha-V Laser specializes in vertical and plumb alignment typically used to construct high-rise buildings and elevator shafts. When accuracy is critical, the Alpha-V laser is your weapon of choice. It features a high-viz plumb laser with a 330-foot range and comes standard with a down plumb beam to make setup quick and easy.

The Pro Shot Laser Alpha-XD Laser specializes in long-range single slope grading applications. This laser includes all the great traits and specs from the standard alpha, but features a 3300FT radius coverage with single-axis grading capabilities up to 8%. The Alpha-XD is a perfect choice for long-range single slope applications when accuracy is of the utmost importance.

The Pro Shot Laser AS2 Magnum Laser specializes in long-range STEEP single slope grading applications. This laser features grading capabilities up to 25% and is even capable of dual slope with an adapter. The AS2 series is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to conduct steep grading capabilities in long-range applications.

Now that you know where each laser excels, click here to browse our selection of Pro Shot Lasers.

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