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Tiger Supplies is an authorized Turf-Tec dealer

About Turf-Tec

Turf-Tec is one of the leading manufacturers of diagnostic turfgrass, environmental meters, and infiltration tools. They invent, design, and manufacture instruments that keep the turf healthy by finding out problem areas and root causes and preventing the worst possible damage and injuries. A huge commitment is devoted to developing simple devices that are accessible not only to researchers and universities but to anyone who might need them. These instruments are designed to be simple in operation but produce accurate results.

Precision, accuracy, and ease of operation are Turf-Tec’s goal in providing quality instruments for forestry students, analysts, and other professionals who need to have access to these tools.  Safety and prevention are the topmost priority and these instruments comply with standard management practices.

Tiger Supplies proudly carries Turf-Tec tools. The engineering and environmental sector is given the utmost importance as products are continually developed for nature’s preservation. Shop now!


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