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Dutch Hill

Tiger Supplies is an authorized Dutch Hill dealer

About Dutch Hill

Dutch Hill is known for its wide selection of durable and heavy-duty land surveying equipment for surveyors, engineers, and contractors. From prisms to prism poles, and surveying rods to tripods, Dutch Hill has everything to get any surveying job done.

Survey Prisms and Prism Poles manufactured by Dutch Hill are known for their accuracy and strength. Prisms feature high-quality optical reflective glasses that resist scratching and fogging. They are available in a number of sizes, styles, and specifications to accommodate most surveying applications. Prism Poles come in different materials and heights for compatibility with prisms and reflectors.

Bipods and Tripods designed by Dutch Hill ensure portability and stability to provide solutions to all mounting and weight supporting needs. Bipods and are used to resist downward and horizontal forces and to keep level base steady. Tripods are necessary for securely holding total stations, optical levels, digital levels, and laser levels.

Surveying Rods from Dutch Hill come in a variety of length, graduations, and materials such as carbon, aluminum, and fiberglass. Surveying Rods include grade rods, Lenker rods, and leveling rods. They are built for specific purposes and are all essential surveying tools for measuring elevations.

Tiger Supplies carries an excellent collection of high-grade and professional-quality land surveying equipment from Dutch Hill. We offer builders and other construction professionals with functional tools at great prices. For your questions regarding Dutch Hill products, please feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives. 

Dutch Hill

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