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The GPS/GNSS technology revolutionized land surveying and construction, making it possible to accurately measure and layout points within hours, not weeks. A GPS/GNSS System is a great alternative to traditional optical and mechanical methods of surveying which uses theodolites and other distance measuring equipment that utilizes angular and linear measurements and the principles of geometry and trigonometry. With reduced costs of manpower, fast-tracked projects, and an unprecedented level of accuracy, the GNSS Surveying technology has undoubtedly played a huge role in modernizing the way we survey and build. 

GPS/GNSS Systems for surveying can provide centimeter-level accuracy using the RTK positioning method or sub-centimeter levels of accuracy when post-processing algorithms are applied. Multi-constellation GNSS receivers have increased signal availability and the ability to provide excellent performance, even in the presence of buildings, trees, vehicles, and other obstructions that surveyors are likely to encounter on the job site. Tiger Supplies offers the lowest prices on GPS/GNSS receivers from top brands, such as Topcon, Sokkia, and Spectra Precision. Show now!

GPS/GNSS Surveying Buyer’s Guide

How to Find the Best GNSS Receiver

Choosing the best GNSS Receiver for surveying, GIS, and construction involves careful consideration of the required level of accuracy, resilience, and cost. Each project is different and may have different requirements. Read on for tips on selecting the best GNSS surveying instrument. 


Top-of-the-line GNSS Receivers have centimeter to millimeter accuracy for RTK and static surveying. The Geomax Zenith16 GNSS Receiver, for example, has an RTK accuracy of 10mm + 1ppm and Static accuracy of 5mm + 0.5ppm. These extremely high accuracy levels come at a cost, of course, so it’s important to know what kind of accuracy you need for the job and start from there. 

GNSS Surveying Setup

The two most common GNSS Surveying setups are static and RTK. Static surveying involves two stationary GNSS receivers tracking the same satellite signals over an extended period of time. RTK, or Real Time Kinematic, involves the use of a stationary GNSS Receiver as the base station and a moving receiver called the rover. The gathered positioning data in RTK Surveying are corrected in real-time, hence the name. If you will use RTK Surveying, you will need an RTK GNSS Receiver that is capable of receiving and incorporating GNSS correction data. 


A lot of factors like trees or building obstructions can make it hard for GNSS Receivers to receive satellite signals. Choose a GNSS Receiver with advanced features to mitigate these potential problems. For example, a multi-frequency and multi-constellation receiver can still provide reliable data despite signal obstructions.

Wireless Communication Options

You also need to consider the ideal and required ways for you to transfer data to another device. Some units allow you to communicate in real time to a device over a cellular radio link. Other ways to connect to other devices are USB OTG, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Ethernet, among others.


Will the GNSS Receiver stand the test of weather and time? GNSS Receivers are often used outdoors where these devices can be exposed to the elements. An IP67 or higher rated GNSS/GPS Receiver is a good choice for guaranteed ruggedness and durability. 

Size and Weight

The unit's portability is impacted by its size and weight. For applications such as hiking and surveying, having a portable unit will make your life 10x easier. 

 Where to Buy GPS/GNSS Receivers

A GPS/GNSS Receiver is a major investment that will pay for itself by elevating the standard of quality and speed of every project. Make sure to purchase from a trusted authorized dealer of the top GNSS Receiver manufacturers including Leica, Spectra Geospatial, Geomax, and e-Survey. 

Tiger Supplies is a proud dealer of survey-grade GPS/GNSS Receivers from major brands. But we don’t stop at selling. We provide all the needed assistance to our customers from first contact until after the product arrives at your door. We are easy to reach via email, live chat, and phone. Browse our shop for advanced GPS/GNSS Receivers as well as GNSS accessories including GPS rover rods, communication radios, and GNSS processing software. 

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