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    Hathorn WMN-2123-SL DuraSCOPE Wi-Fi Camera Reel-Mini with Self-Leveling Camera

    By Hathorn | Mfr#: WMN-2123-SL | Tiger#: TS90355


    • Wireless connectivity with other devices  
    • Convenient data sharing options  
    • Excellent functionality and features  
    • Thorough design and construction  
    • Tough frame and build
    More Product Details What's Included
    Ships Out Within: 3 - 5 Business Days

    Overview for Hathorn WMN-2123-SL DuraSCOPE Wi-Fi Camera Reel-Mini with Self-Leveling Camera

    The Hathorn DuraSCOPE Wi-Fi Camera Reel-Mini with Self-Leveling Camera is one of the many renowned Hathorn reels built to meet the rigors of underground inspection. Despite its size, it's almost as powerful as its two bigger DuraSCOPE Wi-Fi Camera Reel counterparts. Maximize its portability further by using its 18V battery pack, which lasts around 6 hours.    

    Connectivity You can stream videos from inspection reel to up to four Apple or Android devices all at once with Wi-Fi PipeSTREAM. You'll also never worry about sharing important inspection footage as you can send your videos easily by text, email, or other platforms.    

    Exceptionally Build The DuraSCOPE Mini Wi-Fi reel is thoroughly designed. It is fitted with a 200ft-long, 3/8" Kevlar braided push rod which can access around 90° elbow at 2". Its self-leveling DuraCAM camera heads come with bright LED's to ensure high-definition images. It also has a 512hz sonde control, footage counter, and a voice recording option to aid in efficient inspection.    

    Rugged Construction The DuraSCOPE Wi-Fi Mini is a municipal-grade tool built with the tough demands of the inspection process in mind. The butt-welded exterior even the stainless steel camera heads are made to endure tough environments.    

    The Hathorn DuraSCOPE Wi-FI Camera Reel-Mini performs as well as its bigger counterparts when it comes to conducting successful underground inspections. The device connectivity allows for the immediate transfer of data necessary to address issues found during the inspection process.