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    Topcon 1034419-08 DT-309 Digital Theodolite

    By Topcon | Mfr#: 1034419-08 | Tiger#: TS87591
    • Topcon DT-309 Digital Theodolite TOP1034419-08
    • Topcon DT-309 Digital Theodolite
    • Topcon DT-309 Digital Theodolite


    • Angular accuracy of 9-secs 
    • Magnification up to 30x 
    • Up to 250 hours battery life 
    • Precision Laser Pointer Guidance 
    • Compact and lightweight build 
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    Overview for Topcon 1034419-08 DT-309 Digital Theodolite

    The Topcon DT-309 Digital Theodolite is a highly-precise instrument for alignment and angular measurements. It features the industry-trusted technology found on the venerable DT-200 line but in a light and compact package with superior performance and calculations out in the field.

    Unparalleled Accuracy and Precision The DT-309 is capable of exceptionally fine angle measurements. The instrument has a 2.5-inch telescopic resolving power and yields angular values accurate to within 5 seconds. An optical plummet allows for simplified setups over a control point, while the tilt sensor provides compensation of ±3 minutes.

    Excellent Usability and Features The DT-309 has a streamlined interface and other design features that make it a highly usable instrument. It has built-in illumination for its reticle and carries dual backlit LCDs for clear viewing of results. The device is powered using Li-Ion or external Alkaline AAs, which provide up to 140 hours of operating time. Additionally, the DT-309 handles a broad range of field environments with dust proofing and water-resistance to IP66 specifications.

    The Topcon DT-309 Digital Theodolite brings the best in accurate and precise angle measurements to any surveying operation.